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Seismic Blasting Work

SEPL since its very beginning is Pioneer in providing Commercial Seismic Explosives and Blasting solutions that includes arrangement & Loading of explosives in drilled hole, drilling of holes and shooting of holes.

SEPL has knowledge of carrying blasting work in many projects of Seismic Survey for Oil & Gas Exploration in Tidal Zone, Desert Area and Cultivated Area.

SEPL is known in this industry as the only explosive company that uses High quality sensitive seismic explosives that are specially formulated with high density, high energy and detonator which are designed absolutely to meet the strict requirements of environmental extremes associated with geophysical discovery. Another major exceptional quality about the Explosives at SEPL is that the explosives here are constituted with moderate velocity and extraordinarily low gas production to produce improved seismic energy across usable bandwidth for superior final data as well as enhanced signal-to-noise ratios. Unlike other seismic explosive products used by other explosive companies, explosives used by SEPL have a restricted sensitivity life whose exceptional composition and unique packaging features are endowed with a "time release" mechanism which ultimately desensitizes the charge in wet boreholes.


Queries, orders or requests for quotes can be faxed to Sukhdev Explosives (P) Ltd.
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