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Negative List License

As per the provisions of Exim Policies, The Central Government, in public interest, regulates the import or export of goods by means of a Negative List of Imports. This Negative Lists consist of goods whose import is prohibited & restricted through licensing or otherwise, or canalised and accordingly prohibited items in this Negative List of imports shall not be imported. Such goods can only be imported or exported by the canalising agency specified in the Negative Lists. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade may, however, grant a licence to any company to import or export any canalised goods.

SEPL with its years of experience in this explosive industry Provides services to obtain Negative List License as stated above for Import of restricted items from Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). Our Service is including obtaining of Approval Head DGFT Office at New Delhi and Final License from Regional DGFT Office.

TEAM SEPL is committed to ensure its clients prompt and hassle free execution of important documents with the help of its specialized team, who work closely with Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) and successfully files application to obtain the Negative List License for Import of restricted goods. After the above application is processed, SEPL obtains approval from Head DGFT Office at New Delhi and Final License from Regional DGFT Office. They also take care to handover original License to the client and also stands responsible to its clients to remind the renewal of their Licenses prior to expire.


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