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DX Tools Cartridges Templates

SEPL has an enviable reputation and unmatched expertise in deploying latest technology updates available in the industry from anywhere in the world. SEPL's business association with HILTI is a crystal clear example for it. SEPL is proud to be the professional end user of DX Fastening Technology developed by HILTI, which is a multinational company providing services/products in Infrastructure Sector for over 50 years.

ABOUT (DX) Direct Fastening

Direct Fastening (DX) is the ultimate cordless fastening systems designed with productivity in mind. DX fastening methods can reduce labour time by as much as 65% and installation costs by 36%. Hilti Direct Fastening is an innovative system that will make a large number of fixings quickly and safely with no need for power supplies or skilled labour. The productivity features includes making in excess of 1000 fixings per day, fixing into a wide range of base materials including steel and concrete, Integrates with HILTI positioning systems to save marking out time and Specialist fasteners available to suit different trades.

Why Direct Fastening (DX)?

The ability to make direct fixings without the need to drill holes is simple, fast, safe and highly productive. The Hilti DX fastening system can be learned quickly by operatives, to offer a versatile fastening technique. Even in the hardest and thickest based materials, direct fastening can be used. DX fastening tools are completely self contained requiring only the necessary consumables (Fastener and cartridge) for the tool and the job it is therefore, the ultimate cordless fastening system.

The result is that fixings are made quickly and efficiently, reducing – project time, labour content and instigating overall cost savings, productivity is enhanced consistently and installation costs are reduced.

DX Cartridge Brochure Download

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