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Demolition by Explosives

SEPL provides Demolition services through Explosives for buildings, industrial structures, bridges, smokestacks, piers and high-liability rock or tunnel work. Our engineering staff performs feasibility studies and demolition surveys as well as compiles cost analysis and time studies. SEPL has executed probability studies for both the private sector and Government Agencies.

SEPL takes pride in our in-depth technical expertise to minimize your risk for structures of all designs on, above, or below ground by utilizing cutting edge technology, continued education and vast experience.

SEPL approaches each and every contracting member as our partner. Our professionalism, flexibility, open communication, and desire to build a lifelong relationship and which will not only meet your requirement but exceed your expectations. We never pretend to know more than our clients. Our goal is to work in unison with the customer to provide a safe and timely resolution to any demolition problem.

Demolition has always depended on the experience and intuition of demolition contractors. As newer buildings and structures with complex and unpredictable structural systems begin to be demolished, safety and quality standards are requiring an additional analysis of demolition plans. Until recently, no engineering method existed that could accurately analyze structural behaviour during demolition or deconstruction. But, that has all changed with the unveiling of a new approach for bringing safety, assurance, and clarity to demolition planning.



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